Springsteifel 40-60 kg

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Kindersprungschuhe für Springer von 40 bis 60 kg. Perfektes Balancetraining, das den gerundeten Rücken vom Computer aus sicher glättet. Die Muskeln der Kreuzmuskeln bekommen beim Springen mehr als die Beine ... Lesen Sie mehr

Produzent: Skyrunner

244 € inkl MWSt.

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These jumping shoes tame even sportingly gifted children from 30 kg, but it will take much more effort than if they have 40 kg. But at least you have an argument why they need to eat everything not to choose :-)

WORKER Hoppino kids' jumping stilts are a spring system that makes it easy to jump high, run fast or perform tricks and acrobatics in the air. They can be used mainly in towns, housing estates or skate parks. In addition, in a fun and unconventional form, you will improve your fitness and exercise your entire body. Solid construction and used materials ensure safe and long-lasting jumping. EVA foam padding in the calf area ensures a high degree of comfort and thanks to the adjustable binding holds the foot firmly in the shoe. The vibrant color design captures children's playfulness and joy. We recommend the use of a helmet and joint protectors when using shoes.


Technical description:

  • foot straps
  • spring: fiberglass fiber
  • skeleton: aluminum alloy
  • foot area: polypropylene
  • straps: nylon
  • reflective foot: rubber
  • padding in the calf area: EVA foam
  • load capacity: 60 kg
  • weight: 4,5 kg (pair)

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